SA Health

With its existing messaging struggling to resonate with audiences, and market confusion about the direction of South Australia’s health care system, we were engaged by Health SA to deliver a wide-reaching campaign that communicated the recent developments within the state.

Outdoor Advertising

Campaign Photography

Digital Advertising

Project Overview

Working in collaboration with key stakeholders, we devised a selection of new campaign messages which aimed to reframe public perceptions around the significant public investments being made into their health care sector. These messages then underwent professional testing, finally arriving at: “World Class Healthcare for all South Australians”.

This message was then extensively implemented across print and digital media; which included news media (with adjusted designs to accommodate text translation), online and social media advertising, Adshel and retail screen advertising, and design assets for TVC.

For the campaign, we devised a simple design style suitable for all ensuing marketing touchpoints, of many shapes and sizes. This simple layout style paired bright, friendly photography with blocks of colour that created a memorable “H” letterform in the negative space.

The campaign’s photography was strategically person-centric, moving the much publicised new buildings and equipment into the backdrop, and focusing instead on their benefactors: patients, healthcare professionals and volunteers. The campaign’s distinct “H” design allowing for further visual emphasis on each marketing touchpoints personal centrepiece.

As research had indicated some public concern about a perceived bias towards the inner city, a regional colour palette was developed to allow for this same message to be individualised for each key hospital within the state. With localised photography and copywriting that highlighted regional health care developments, the campaign was able to communicate at both a top-down and local level.


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