Venus Citrus

Venus Citrus is a third-generation South Australian family business. The organisation is reviving traditional, ecologically-friendly growing methods in an effort to ensure the sustainability of the industry into the future. Such sustainability minded products are finding a larger audience in an increasingly socially-conscious marketplace, and it is fundamental to their success that their overarching brand identity clearly communicates this key point of difference to consumers.

Brand Identity

Project Overview

We were engaged to develop a brand identity and packaging system that struck a balance between two conversing goals: appealing to a modern, progressive audience, while simultaneously reflecting the organisation’s traditional processes and long history in the industry. The brand identity and packaging system utilise a half-tone pattern, an antiquated printing process in which tone is expressed with dots of differing size and proximity, which evokes a feeling of the past, and playfully alludes to the round shape of citrus and the dimpled texture of its skin.

This brand identity and packaging system has also been extended for use across other citrus products within their range, with the single-colour palette allowing easy repurposing (yellow for lemons, green for limes, etc). In this way, a strong foundation has been set up for the organisation whereby future products can be integrated into this range with ease.

Venus Citrus’ packaging serves as a useful example of how even a primarily functional item represents an opportunity to create a dynamic, strongly-branded touchpoint, that can be instrumental in increasing people’s awareness of a brand.

Subsequent to its successful implementation, this work was recognised at the national Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Awards held in 2015.


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