Sight For All

Sight For All is a not-for-profit organisation that provides high quality eye healthcare through the provision of research, education and equipment to disadvantaged communities. Founded fifteen years ago by three South Australian ophthalmologists, Sight For All helped more than 500,000 patients in 2014. The organisation operates through an international network of eye-care professionals, who volunteer their time to train eye surgeons abroad.


Project Overview

The homepage employs a unique grid layout that allows for a variety of content to be displayed on a single page:  events, news, facts, personal stories, and social media. The website also incorporates eCommerce functionality for taking donations, and strong calls-to-action throughout.

When a first-time visitor arrives at the Sight For All website, they are presented with an illegibly blurred version of the homepage and the following statistic: "40 million people see like this". The strategy behind this campaign is to evoke an emotional reaction; shared experience makes it easier to empathise with the unfortunate millions affected by impaired vision. Our hope was that people would be more inclined to support the organisation, either through donating their time, or money.

As part of this project, we also developed a portal for Sight For All volunteers, or Visionaries. The portal allows users to login and access relevant information, forms, and research data. Through the Content Management System (CMS), Sight For All staff can limit access to these files based on which program the Visionary is enrolled in.


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