Joule Energy

Fuelled by major investment from global recycling company Sims Metal Management, Joule Energy is a renewable energy start up with the potential to transform our world. We were engaged to develop a brand identity and broad range of marketing materials —including brochures, photography, video, a website and mobile app— to support the launch and fast growth of the company.

Project Overview

Joule Energy’s focus is on delivering clean, cutting-edge energy in commercially innovative and impacting ways.

As one of its first initiatives, this approach has seen Joule partner with local governments across Australia to transform what were conventionally unusable areas around landfill sites into impressive solar installations large enough to power 1,900 homes each.

Not only is Joule working to generate clean energy by harnessing solar, gas and emerging technologies of the future, but it’s also adopting innovative technologies to better distribute this power — such as solar powered charging stations for electric cars.

Through these pilot projects, Joule has demonstrated its ability to deliver not just strong financial returns to shareholders, but meaningful social benefits to local communities and our world.

Brand Identity

When engaged to design a brand identity befitting this innovative start up, we looked beyond the existing design trends of the established energy sector for inspiration. Instead, we looked to similarly disruptive companies around the world, such as Tesla and Apple.

The resulting brand identity finds power in its simplicity, utilising a common and widely recognised symbol of a lightning bolt, distinctly reduced to two precisely-shaped triangles.

The brand’s typography was custom-designed with diagonal endpoints to complement the lightning bolt device, and this same visual theme of angularity then recurs throughout the overarching design style.

With its minimalist, black and white design aesthetic and photographic treatment, Joule’s brand and marketing touchpoints, from its stationery to publications and site signage, are intently dramatic, speaking to the visionary personality of the company and its target audience.

Photography and Film

With public perceptions of solar energy tarnished by recent government action that attracted thousands of small residential installers to the market offering low cost, subsidised systems, we delivered extensive photography and video —including breathtaking overhead drone footage— to clearly differentiate Joule and demonstrate the scale of its operations.

This was complemented by a professional photo shoot of the company’s Managing Director in a distinctly futuristic and cinematic style that communicates the technological sophistication and focus of the company.

We’ve also delivered functional, informational case study videos that provide a walkthrough of projects to demonstrate to other potential clients how these partnerships work and the success they’ve achieved.

Mobile App

We planned, designed and developed a mobile app that allows Joule to remotely monitor its energy production and capacity in real time, providing live data visualisations of current energy generation levels on a global scale.

he app also provides Joule with the ability to then share this data with individual project partners, providing them with this same level of visibility on energy generation and the commercial returns generated by their projects.

Like the brand itself, inspiration was taken from world-class mobile apps in order to not just provide Joule and its partners with meaningful data, but to do so in an intuitive and engaging way.

Charging Station

Brand Guidelines





In the short time since its launch, Joule has achieved a lot. With the ambition, investment and expertise of an industry leader and the innovation, speed and drive of a start-up, Joule’s potential is beyond measure.


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