Empower Conference

The Empower Conference is an annual event that gathers leaders, speakers, and church members from all over the world for a weekend of informative and inspirational talks.

Held in Adelaide in 2017, we were engaged to design a brand identity and event theme to reflect the event’s 60th year. Titled “Old/New”, we looked to honour the church’s past, while moving the congregation forward.

Conference Video

Social Media


Event Program


Event Signage


In developing a brand identity around the event theme of “Old/New”, we looked to design a flexible framework to support a broad range of marketing touch points, including event invitations, social media and digital content, posters, video, photography, signage, set designs, bags, lanyards and other promotional materials.

The bold wordmark showcases the contrast of ‘Old’ and ‘New', fusing the two together with a sense of dynamism. Along with being visually engaging, this interplay is true to the church’s traditional, yet progressive, philosophy.

Utilising expressive typography and layouts inspired by the 1970s French design movement — an older style which has seen a recent resurgence in trendiness — the campaign is decidedly familiar and futuristic.

The recurring use of animation, video, and music, all produced as part of the project, further communicate the contrasting themes of past and future, heightening the theme’s effectiveness.


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