Dr Ha

Dr Kien Ha is a renowned Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist and facial plastic surgeon, specialising in rhinoplasty, facelift surgery and other aesthetic procedures of the face and neck.

We were engaged to develop a personal brand to reflect the high quality and highly sought after nature of Dr Ha’s services. We also developed a complementary brand for his private practice, EN&T, and an extensive set of marketing collateral spanning photography, print design, a website and digital marketing, signage and more.

Brand Identity

Dr Ha’s personal brand has been developed around a minimalist wordmark, with the four letters of “Dr Ha” arranged into a grid that conveys the same structure and symmetry as exhibited in a classically beautiful face; and moreover, a feeling of competence, cleanliness and precision befitting a leading surgeon.

The wordmark has been paired with a subdued skin-inspired colour, which not only visually alludes to the nature of Dr Ha’s work, but communicates a warm, calming tone, while providing the brand with a fashionably on-trend palette.


Given the exclusivity, expense and immediately intangible nature of Dr Ha’s services, maintaining an undoubtedly premium feel throughout the brand’s marketing collateral was key. Even in the case of basic stationery, this meant not only conveying elegance through each piece’s design, but also through the use of luxurious, tactile paper stocks and production finishes.

In this way, every interaction with Dr Ha’s brand — even as small as receiving an appointment card — demonstrates an attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Photography & Art Direction

With Dr Ha’s facial plastics work so highly visual in nature, photography was a critical ingredient to the overarching brand identity. In addition to the before-and-after shots that are a mainstay of the industry, the Dr Ha brand features hero photography, which focuses on the form of the face and effectively sets a level of expectation true to Dr Ha’s exacting standards.

We worked closely with Dr Ha to painstakingly select a model that offered not only the right aesthetic, but the perfect facial structure, befitting his brand.

To maintain the brand’s strikingly minimalist aesthetic, we carefully choreographed all aspects of the photography and art direction, from the shoot’s studio location to the model’s hair, makeup and fashion styling.

We also photographed Dr Ha himself as part of the same shoot, providing him with corporate photography that’s friendly, sophisticated and consistent with the overarching brand.


Dr Ha’s website strikes a similarly minimalist tone as the overarching brand and photography, utilising the skin-inspired colour palette, and striking a balance between clinical and fashionable.

The website's innovative, non-standard structure adds excitement to the user experience, while remaining intuitive in its navigation and optimised for search engine visibility.

Brand Identity

From the outset of the project, we were tasked with developing a complementary brand for Dr Ha’s private practice, EN&T.

The EN&T brand capitalises on its similarly four lettered name, again arranging these letters into the same grid and using the same typeface as Dr Ha — to similarly clean, precise effect.

In its implementation, EN&T is subtly differentiated from the Dr Ha brand through its darker colour palette, which is reflected through its implementation.

To further differentiate the EN&T brand, we also devised a secondary version of the logo which substitutes its alphabetic letters for a circle, a triangle and a square, representing the ear, nose and throat. 


The secondary version of the brand has been brought to life in a series of anatomic prints, playfully substituting traditional illustration or photography of these body parts for these simple, stylish geometric forms.


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