City of Charles Sturt

With a population of 105,000, the City of Charles Sturt is a major local government area situated in the western suburbs of Adelaide. We were engaged by the organisation to deliver a progressive website that follows local government best practices while delivering a vibrant and intuitive user experience to key stakeholders and the local community.

Project Overview

Charles Sturt's website is its most effective communication tool and is used heavily by the organisation to provide information to both visitors and the local community.

The City of Charles Sturt is a progressive council. Understanding that for the younger part of its community, the council's website isn't high on the list of websites they frequent, we custom-developed functionality that automatically populates an event calendar on Charles Sturt's Facebook page with a list of upcoming council events, designed in an easy-to-read calendar format. Similarly, the organisation's latest Facebook status update is automatically published to the website, appearing prominently in its footer across every page.

In total the website is comprised of more than 100 pages of information, structured within 8 top level sections. The website uses a “mega menu” navigational system to show up to 20 sub-pages within each of these sections without the need for multiple levels of drop down menus, simplifying the process of finding deep content pages. Google’s search engine functionality has additionally been integrated into the website, allowing visitors to quickly search for key content from any page within the website.

One of the primary reasons the community visits local government websites is to engage in transactions - typically paying rates, fines or fees. The City of Charles Sturt website integrates seamlessly into an overarching government payment system, which is linked prominently from the website's homepage as well as from its navigation and from pointers throughout the website.

In delivering the project we worked in collaboration with the City of Charles Sturt’s internal marketing team and subject to organisation’s established brand identity documentation, which provided strict governance around the use of the client's logo, colour palette and photography.

As part of the design stage, we developed a custom iconography set for use as navigational tools throughout the website. The iconography is consistent with the City of Charles Sturt's brand identity and has been developed in scalable vector format to display crisply at all screen resolutions and pixel densities.

The website we delivered follows best practice responsive principles to deliver an optimised viewing experience across a full range of devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). The website additionally conforms to relevant accessibility standards, making the website accessible to all visitors across all devices.


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