Web Design Adelaide, Melbourne

Whether it’s one page or one thousand, Simple has over a decade’s experience in designing and developing websites for clients of all shapes and sizes. In fact, our clients span from the irreverent national discount retailer Cheap as Chips through to submarine-builder ASC, demonstrating our ability to strategically deliver on any project brief. We’ve seen first-hand how businesses of any size can benefit from a professional website, and approach every project with the same level of care and consideration — no matter how big or small it is.

No templates. Ever.

Unlike many agencies, we never use website templates of any kind. Every day, the limits of what’s possible across digital mediums are expanding, web design trends are shifting, and as an agency we’re fully committed to operating at the forefront of these changes. Further, as the desired outcomes of any project are so divergent, it’s a simple fact that when it comes to web design, one size does not fit all. That’s why each of ours starts with a completely blank canvas, and is then strategically wireframed, designed and developed from the ground up — just for you.

Manage your website, easily.

You shouldn’t have to pay someone every time you want to make a small content change to your website. After all, it’s your website. As part of a website project, we’ll implement a content management system (CMS) that will allow you to make such changes yourself, without ongoing maintenance costs, or that dreaded fear of breaking your website. There are countless platforms on the market, and we’ll make an individual recommendation for your website based on your requirements and budget.

One website. All devices.

We recently profiled one of our client’s — the City of Marion’s — website and found that in a single month, it was accessed by 480 different types of mobile device. Four hundred and eighty! This proliferation of available screen sizes shows no signs of slowing, meaning your website needs to support any device thrown its way. We design and develop websites following best practice responsive principles to deliver an optimised user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, including image optimisation and support for high pixel density displays (such as Apple Retina Display).

Build it (properly) and they will come.

Beyond web design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a science of its own — one we’re well-versed in. There’s really no point having the world’s greatest website if no one’s going to see it, and we have a proven methodology to ensure your website ranks competitively across a wide range of search engines — and we have many client examples to demonstrate this, including across some of search’s most competitive categories. From the earliest stages of a project, we’ll work collaboratively with you to formulate a strategy, defining the keywords you want to target, and optimising your website’s content and structure to maximise search engine performance and get your website on as many screens as possible.

There’s perfect. Then there’s pixel perfect.

It’s easier to change a blueprint than to rebuild a house. The same is true for websites. That’s why before a website is constructed, it is first meticulously designed. Our team work to create images, which aren’t actual working websites, but rather, quick, easily-editable indications of the final result. When it comes to transforming these into real, functional websites, we adhere to the principal of “pixel perfect” development; meaning the final website will match its blueprint — to the pixel. This is surprisingly difficult to achieve in code, and requires a highly experienced, versatile development team in collaboration with a trained design eye.

We focus on user experience.

Good websites start with good planning. At Simple, we commence every project with a thorough strategising process. By taking the time to understand your target audience and the conversation your website is intended to facilitate, we ensure your website fulfils its intended function — whether that’s to increase sales, leads or any other metric. We then custom design your website to ensure that it is not only beautiful, but also provides a user experience that is refreshingly intuitive and painless.

Integration with anything.

Our extensive digital capabilities mean we can build websites that are more than just digital brochures for your business; websites that integrate with other existing systems, joining together to automate and simplify the processes that keep your business working. We have experience integrating websites with countless third-party platforms — for email marketing, social media, ecommerce, inventory, databasing, accounting packages, bookings and so much more. Recently, we even launched a website for Cheap as Chips that integrates tens of thousands of products from its central national database, and provides a real-time inventory updates on a store-by-store basis.

Good websites have good content.

Any chef will tell you, that when it comes to preparing a beautiful dish, their cooking skills are secondary to the quality of their ingredients; and similarly, a website is only ever as good as its inputs. While an attractive layout and design style form an excellent foundation, a website’s quality is elevated exponentially when its branding is professional, its copywriting is engaging, and its photography is beautiful. Conversely, nothing spoils a good website faster than rotten content; which is why we’ve brought together a multifaceted team, with expertise across a range of disciplines, so everything your website needs can be found under the one roof.

App development.

The booming app industry is an incredibly competitive space, and if you’re hoping to join in on all the fun, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. As part of our versatile digital service offering, we can not only build websites but also design and develop apps for Apple iOS (including mobile and iPad) and Android. As with our websites, we approach apps with a balanced approach, considering visual aesthetics, functionality and the all-important user experience— to ensure your app not only looks great, but is a joy to use.

Easy, elegant ecommerce.

If you’re looking to sell your goods or provide a service online, we have the knowledge and experience to transform your website into your new favourite salesperson. If you want to accept secure online payments, manage products within your own online store, or collect and collate your customers’ registration details, we have the ecommerce solution that’s right for you. We recently developed a complex ecommerce solution for the Sunday Mail City-Bay —the largest event of its kind in South Australia— automating the registration, communication and timekeeping processes for over 30,000 participants with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

As you’d expect, we’re all about making life simpler for our clients. That’s why, when it comes to the nitty-gritty of launching and maintaining a website —from hosting, DNS management, domain registration and renewal, monitoring usage statistics, and testing your website to ensure it works across browsers and devices— we can do it all. Bringing together all of these interconnected services means if there’s ever a question or a concern about your website, you’ll always know who to call.

Launching a website is just the beginning.

The launch of a website is a huge milestone. It’s an occasion that’s worth celebrating, like a birthday; but like the day you’re born, a website launch is really just the start of an even bigger story. We’re positioned to propose and implement a range of digital marketing initiatives centred around building and maintaining an audience for your website, from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and email marketing, to social media campaigns, training, troubleshooting, reporting and broader marketing activities.

We're driven by results.

A website can be a significant undertaking, and we understand how important it is to you that you receive a return on this investment. We’re commercially focused, and empower you to monitor the efficacy of your website by defining fixed, measurable outcomes, and then tracking these conversions in real-time. In this way, we give you the tools to know not only if you are reaching your audience, but whether in turn, your audience is reaching back out to you.


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