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If you were to go home and look through some old photos tonight, you will most likely notice that are not wearing the same outfits you wore ten or twenty years ago.

When we hear the word “shock”, we typically think of something unpleasant. Perhaps the overwhelming discomfort that follows a traumatic event, the sensation of being struck by lightning or perhaps even the taste of the most “shocking” cup of coffee you ever had.

You wouldn’t generally attempt to print a restaurant menu on a business card, or a business card the size of a restaurant menu (though, that would make an impression), but that’s precisely the challenge of modern web design.

The German word “zeitgeist” translates to “spirit of the time” and refers to the dominant set of ideals, beliefs and actions in any particular period of history. 

The statistics surrounding apps paint a somewhat bleak picture about their effectiveness. Here’s a few: In any given month, two thirds of smartphone users will download zero apps. On average, over 95% of apps are deleted within 30 days of being downloaded.

Dutch bike manufacturer VanMoof had a big problem: their goal to sell 90% of their bikes online by 2020 was being held back by their inability to find a reliable shipping partner. Their solution was genius in its simplicity.

In the internet age, people often play fast and loose with online imagery and its corresponding copyright law. When using photography on a commercial basis however, you should show greater diligence.

Writing web content is unlike writing for any other medium. When viewing content on a screen, people tended to scan and scroll, looking for keywords, and reading in a less linear, more selective fashion.

QR (short for “quick response”) codes were first introduced in 1994 by the Japanese automotive industry to track vehicles during manufacture. Recently, these distinctive matrix barcodes have started appearing everywhere, including...

Rather than re-purpose a template, grid, framework or theme, we start with a clean slate. This means our designs can grow out of strategy, and won't be compromised by third-party reliances. Templates are rigid, and operate on a...


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